Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New In: Safari Frenzy

Here are some of my most recent pick ups:

I bought the dress from H&M because the ikat pattern drew me in automatically and I just love the way it falls on me. I also love how the color scheme is simple with a bold print. The only other black and white dress I have is color blocked so I like how this one incorporates both the colors together and has a more fun feel to it. It does run a little big, for the small hits me right above the knee, but I do love how I can either wear this in a more flowy and drapey style if i was planning on wearing it to the beach or any relaxing place or I can throw a belt around my waist to make it more fitted length-wise for a different occasion. I feel like this dress is very versatile and could work with a variety of different shoes and outerwear so I could really wear whatever I felt like wearing that day with it which is something important that I look for in a piece. Find this piece here!
My little sister actually bought the tiger tank for me from forever 21. I just think it’s a cute graphic piece that you can wear a few times and throw out when you get tired of it because of the affordable price. Tiger prints are very in right now but I figured I wouldn’t spent too much on a trend that I know probably won’t last. It’s important to splurge on statement pieces that you know will never go out of style, like a nice leather jacket, but when it comes to little trends, you should always try to go to cheaper route to benefit you in the long run. But I do love how this tank is black and white instead of an obnoxious, in-your-face, orange tiger. It also has a loose fit, like the dress, and is a little long on me so I think it looks best tucked into a pair of nice high waisted shorts or jeans. Find this piece here!
I love these high waisted shorts! The only problem is that they’re big on me and when I tried them on at the store, I figured I could throw a belt on it when I got home and make it work but it’s a little too big for that as well. I’m hoping I can go back to the store and order a smaller size, fingers crossed. But these hit me at the perfect length on my waist, unlike many other high waisted shorts because of my petite size, which i love! I also love how both sides are distressed enough to give it that hint of edge. I do have a pair of light washed high waisted shorts from American Apparel that aren’t distressed and I like how the color of those shorts looked on me but the shorts themselves are very polished and form-fitting, so I figured I’d go buy another pair but with an added grunge to it and I’m very glad I made this purchase! I just wish they were my size. Find a similar piece here!

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