Monday, July 29, 2013

OOTD: Tribal Instinct

Hi my loves! I wore this look out to dinner tonight. My family tried out this new restaurant that was introduced to us called Lucky Elephant and it was actually very good! But maybe I'm biased because I'm a sucker for thai food haha but anyways! Today was the first time I wore my new tribal bustier. I thought it'd pair nicely with black even though I'd usually pull out a color from the pattern but in this case, either color (white or blue) bottom would be a little too much of one color and black goes with everything of course so black it was! I love this black maxi skirt because it makes any outfit look that much more classy than if I were to wear a mini skirt or a pair of high waisted shorts. And as for the vintage handbag, it just pulls everything together and gives the outfit a polished touch. Oh and please excuse my face, I'm still not used to taking pictures for my blog since I always crop my face out of the ootd's I post on Instagram. 
Bustier: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: Charlotte Russe
Handbag: Ferragamo
Shoes: American Eagle

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Top 10 Summer Wardrobe Essentials 2013

1. Cut-off Shorts
Shorts scream summer, they're definitely the top summer piece in my opinion. My favorite low rise shorts are from Hollister because they're affordable for the quality, versatile, and comfortable. They're a no brainer when I'm planning an outfit for the beach or park date. They come in a variety of different styles; you could invest in some cheeky, perfectly distressed shorts which are my personal favorite, or go for the more conservative, fitted look. They're also fun and easy to diy. You could add studs and spikes or even distress them yourself. Studs are easy and cheap to order from Ebay but may take awhile to arrive if you purchase from foreign countries like I do. Or you could always just head to your local Pacsun or kiosk in LA for a faster but pricier alternative.
2. Crop Top
What better way to show off your summer body than with a crop top? It's a cute and flirty way to show off just a hint of skin without being too revealing. My favorite graphic crop tops are from Brandy Melville as they have a huge selection of cute prints to choose from. Another choice is plain crop tops, which are so important to have a couple of in your wardrobe because they're just staple pieces that you can either dress up or down. There are also a lot of different styles they come in in terms of sleeve length. It's always a good idea to keep a quarter-length or long sleeve crop top in your wardrobe for those cold summer nights when you wanna look cute without freezing to death. 
3. Bikini
Bikini's are a fun way of showing off your personality because of how many different styles and patterns there are to choose from. The best part of this is that you can easily find a style that suits your body type and flatters your figure which is something you should always be cautious of when shopping for a new bikini. You wouldn't want to over accentuate any assets nor underplay any, after all, it exposes most of your body and you want to make sure that you look the best you can. I think bikinis are one of those items that you shouldn't spend too much on. I like having many different options when deciding which suit to wear so I tend to gravitate towards the cute but affordable side of swim suits such as those at Forever 21, H&M, Victoria's Secret, etc. If you decide to splurge on one bikini and end up wearing it every time you hit the pool that summer, chances are that you'll get tired of it pretty soon.
4. Kimono
Kimonos are a new trend that seem that have everybody hyped up because of how convenient they are especially during the summer. The light material and short sleeves make it a perfect piece of outerwear for those hot summer nights. It adds style to any outfit and can be either dressed up or dressed down as well. Kimonos also come in many different patterns, my personal favorite being the floral ones with the fringe at the bottom. However, I do own two plain colored kimonos which I think are great for throwing over any outfit that already has a lot going on. You wouldn't want to go overboard with the prints with a patterned kimono. It's important to maintain that balance within your outfit. I believe kimonos look best paired with a floppy hat, it gives the outfit a very boho chic vibe which is a very popular look in the summer.
5. Sundress
What's summer without the perfect sundress? I love wearing dresses because they're easy. There's no hassle of finding a top or bottom to match, all you need are a few accessories and you're good to go. When I think of the perfect sundress, I think florals but that's because I naturally am drawn to any kind of floral print. I just think it's so pretty and they work for any season depending on the color scheme of the piece. But you could really go for any print, even a flat colored chambray dress would be a good piece to have for the summertime. If you do choose to go for a plain colored dress, you could easily bring some more life into the outfit with a statement necklace or nice jacket. Paired with a pair of cute wedges, a sundress would be the perfect outfit for any day out.
6. Skater Skirt
Skaters skirts have just recently become the new big thing. They're flattering on many girls because they accentuate the waist and slim the hips and thighs. I love wearing skater skirts because I feel the girliest in them. I like pairing them with a cute bustier or crop top, but of course it's important to keep balance. If i wear a patterned skirt, I'll always wear a plain colored top, not necessarily completely plain, but one flat color. For example, I'd wear a white top with maybe some lace detailing or a studded collar with a printed skirt. Otherwise, the two prints together would just clash and look like too much going on in one place. I also feel like a belt pulls the whole outfit together, not only does it bring focus to your waist even more than the skirt already does itself, but it just completes the whole outfit by pulling the top together with the skirt. 
7. Denim Vest
Vests are a great outerwear alternative for those who feel that a kimono may be too daring or out of their comfort zone. Denim vests in particular I think give an edge to any outfit, especially if there's any distressing or studs on them. I personally love the look of frayed edges and rips on the sides; you could wear one with a vintage band tshirt for that grungy look or even throw it over a sundress for that perfect blend of girly and edgy. I've even seen some floral denim vests which I think are cute but hard to pull of because of that balance theory. So I prefer solid colored vests, the most desirable colors being navy, white, black, and maroon. I like vests because they cover up most of the shoulders for any girls who are self-conscious of that and they're cooler to keep on during the day than a cardigan or jacket would be.
8. Maxi Dress
Like the kimono, maxi dresses provide a very boho vibe which I love. I love how there are a million different prints to choose from, my favorite being tribal. And like I said before, I like wearing dresses because they're simple and easy. I think maxi dresses look cute by themselves without any major statement pieces of jewelry because they're basically a statement on their own. They're great for shorter girls too as they lengthen the body and you could even sneak in a pair of high heels or wedges under there without anyone noticing for even more added height. They could be worn during the day or at night with a cute denim jacket or vest thrown over it. 
9. High-waisted Shorts
And of course, the infamous high waisted shorts. Every girl dreams of owning the perfect pair of high waisted vintage levi's which I may say, isn't such a bad dream. It's important to find a pair of shorts that fit you the way you want them to because you can't force it. You don't want to buy a pair of shorts just because they're levi's or just because they're distressed to perfection if they don't flatter your figure. Shorts are something that I think can be splurged on because it's good to invest in a pair that not only look good on you, but will last you a lifetime. Plus you know that shorts will never go out of style so you could just grab them and throw them on if you're running late in the morning without worrying about if they look good or not. High waisted shorts differ from low rise ones the most in that they really lengthen the legs which is ideally great for any girl. 
10. Neon Dress
When you think summer, you think neon. I think neon is essential in a summer wardrobe, not even specifically a dress. I actually think the best way to incorporate neon into an outfit is through accessories but since this is a top 10 wardrobe essentials, I figured a neon dress is the next best thing! Wearing a bright dress makes your summer skin glow and appear tanner than it really is which is a look many people strive for in the summer. I love wearing neon in the summer because I feel like all eyes are on me when I'm walking around and it make me feel girly and pretty. My favorite type of bright dress would either be a skater dress or a bodycon dress as they are both flattering on the figure, it just depends on wear you're planning on wearing the dress to. 


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

OOTD: On The Hunt

Hello lovelies! Today I went to the dentist office, blech, because my sister got her braces off! I also did a little bit of thrifting while she was at the office which I may post a haul of later. Then after, my family went out to lunch to celebrate my grandma's birthday, yum! I decided to wear this outfit because I'd had this shirt for awhile now and I honestly just wanted to take the tag off already! It is super cute, comfortable and even better because I got it on sale for $5! I paired it with this plain black skater skirt because the top already had a lot going on so I kept the bottom simple. 
Top: Foreign Exchange
Skirt/Shoes: Forever 21
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Necklace: Thrifted

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New In: Safari Frenzy

Here are some of my most recent pick ups:

I bought the dress from H&M because the ikat pattern drew me in automatically and I just love the way it falls on me. I also love how the color scheme is simple with a bold print. The only other black and white dress I have is color blocked so I like how this one incorporates both the colors together and has a more fun feel to it. It does run a little big, for the small hits me right above the knee, but I do love how I can either wear this in a more flowy and drapey style if i was planning on wearing it to the beach or any relaxing place or I can throw a belt around my waist to make it more fitted length-wise for a different occasion. I feel like this dress is very versatile and could work with a variety of different shoes and outerwear so I could really wear whatever I felt like wearing that day with it which is something important that I look for in a piece. Find this piece here!
My little sister actually bought the tiger tank for me from forever 21. I just think it’s a cute graphic piece that you can wear a few times and throw out when you get tired of it because of the affordable price. Tiger prints are very in right now but I figured I wouldn’t spent too much on a trend that I know probably won’t last. It’s important to splurge on statement pieces that you know will never go out of style, like a nice leather jacket, but when it comes to little trends, you should always try to go to cheaper route to benefit you in the long run. But I do love how this tank is black and white instead of an obnoxious, in-your-face, orange tiger. It also has a loose fit, like the dress, and is a little long on me so I think it looks best tucked into a pair of nice high waisted shorts or jeans. Find this piece here!
I love these high waisted shorts! The only problem is that they’re big on me and when I tried them on at the store, I figured I could throw a belt on it when I got home and make it work but it’s a little too big for that as well. I’m hoping I can go back to the store and order a smaller size, fingers crossed. But these hit me at the perfect length on my waist, unlike many other high waisted shorts because of my petite size, which i love! I also love how both sides are distressed enough to give it that hint of edge. I do have a pair of light washed high waisted shorts from American Apparel that aren’t distressed and I like how the color of those shorts looked on me but the shorts themselves are very polished and form-fitting, so I figured I’d go buy another pair but with an added grunge to it and I’m very glad I made this purchase! I just wish they were my size. Find a similar piece here!